Sunday, 22 September 2013

There are still people like me. We are a growing number. We Choose BlackBerry 10

A simple blog post, representing the feeling of many within the community has sparked a movement on Twitter and brought the community closer together to fight for their Platform of Choice.

Almost 1000 People are going to participate in an social media event on Tuesday 24th of September to ensure as many people as possible are becoming aware of the technological advances and capabilities which are hidden within the new operating system.
To the community, the current state of affairs is clear and they are there to support the company while the transition is taking place.

Having read Michael Kane's article shortly before the earnings report, all I was able to conclude was that nothing has changed and Thorsten Heins is following the plan, he set out when he became CEO.
I watched a former Apple (AAPL-Q 469.56 -2.74 -0.58%) executive being interviewed about BlackBerry on Bloomberg TV some time ago. He gave the business interpretation of Bridges Transition Theory, saying BlackBerry is not unique - the three-stage transition is typically used by technology companies needing to refocus. Stage one: trim the payroll and sell non-core assets. Stage two: refocus to find the new, productive niche. Stage three: use that new focus to execute, grow the business in a new direction, grow shareholder value. Then, when you’re able to get the best shareholder value, sell, if appropriate.
Let’s recap the last few days:
Wednesday 18th September:
·         BBM launching on the 21st and 22nd for Android and iOS
·         WSJ Article mentioning 40% Job Cuts

Thursday 19th September:
·         Security leaks found in iOS7 here and here
Friday 20th September:
·         Release of Q2 2014 results with 17% drop in Price
·         Announcement of 4.500 Job cuts
·         Focus on Prosumer
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd:
·         BBM not released to the Google Play store for Android
·         Successful staggered launch for iPhones
·         BlackBerry is halting rollout midway

During the last few days Blackberry has begun to get into stage 3 with focusing on the userbase they are currently having with the low key event in Malaysia, announcing the release of the Z30 and the latest update of the operating system to 10.2
There are enough Rumours around that the latest update will finally bring eagerly awaited applications like Vine and Instagram to the Platform and provide for a truly competitive ecosystem by providing the implementation of the latest Android runtime which essentially provides access to all Android apps.

Those great news and high hopes have been crushed by the alleged Job-cuts which turned out to be true on Friday.
However the mood has lifted within the community when many Apple users have been complaining about the latest iOS7 update, comparing it to the Playbook and serious security flaws have been discovered. This has caused many people to voice the consideration of switching to Android or Blackberry on social networks, making the release of the BlackBerry Messenger more important and highly anticipated by hundreds of thousands of Twitter users.

Just to be kicked in the stomach by the preliminary earnings report.
Many panicked and started to doubt the future of BlackBerry.
Enough articles have been released here in regards to it and I particularly enjoyed are those two, analysing the company and the figures.

The launch of the Black Berry Messenger has been a success in disguise

The hype has been great and not many people envisioned that so many million people could simply not wait to finally be using BBM on their Android and iOS devices that the launch had to be aborted.
Instead of risking security issues and performance problems because of 1.1 Million Android users who have started to use a leaked version of the App and many fakes in the Play store.
The case still stands that when the last hiccups are out of the way, BBM will be a huge success.

The use of the BB10 UI within the app will be a great marketing tool for BlackBerry and with carrier contracts running out, many will might consider to try the whole BlackBerry experience.

It is more crucial right now to deliver a flawless experience and sticking to the core principles than rushing an unfinished product out of the door.

The death of this company has been proclaimed for 5 years and it still “keeps moving”.

After close to 15 years with one operating system, BlackBerry has finally created the foundation for their new future with the QNX based BB10.
Albeit the Playbook might be considered a failure, most of its core features have been taken up by Apple and Android, proving the leading position of BlackBerry in regards to Technology.


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